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Gone fishing
Weekly Challenge #53 
8th-Jan-2017 01:13 pm
Stargate Jack/Sam one last thing
Weekly Challenge #53 is A Happy Life

The rules:

If writing fic all stories must be at least 100 words long. There is no maximum word count.
Art/vids can be any size/length.
All submissions must center around Jack/Sam or Jack and Sam.
You don't have to use the word/phrase in the story/art/etc, it's just there for inspiration.
Please tag your entries with the weekly challenge number

You can use any weekly challenge as inspiration and post at any time.(please don't forget to tag your entries with the appropriate weekly challenge number)

1. People will talk
2. Once Upon A Time
3. Just our luck
4. Anticipation
5. Sleepless nights
6. An Affair to Remember
7. Kiss Me
8. Celebration
9. A Quiet Night In
10. In the darkness
11. On holiday
12. Spending the night together
13. Just this once
14. Lost
15. What Could Have Been
16. Let's Do Something
17. Missing You
18. And that's how it's done
19. Why?
20. Memories
21. Oops
22. Escape
23. Not enough time
24. Take me home
25. Hold on
26: Like it used to be
27. Something's Missing
28. Unbroken
29. Stand by me
30. Forgive me
31. Always
32.Not enough time
33. Don't
34. Summer Nights
35. No Shame
36. Cinderella
37. Let's Do Something
38. There Be Dragons
39. What Happens on an Alien Planet...
40. More than friends
41. What could go wrong?
42. Once in a blue moon
43. Because we have to
44. A Dangerous Mission
45. Going fishing
46. Bad Timing
47. Thanksgiving
48. Family
49. Silver Bells
50. Holiday Traditions
51. Christmas
52. A New Year

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